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One of the many reasons to love the Second Doctor (we should type up a list). 


Primal Kyogre & Groudon in battle.

Boy they sure do love to spin around.


Yeah um… It’s the Doctor and the Brig again.

#NewtoWho Week catch-up post, days 1-3

Whoops, didn’t realize that this was a thing that was going on; here, have a catch-up post for days 1-3; 1 and 2 kinda go together—

Day 1: Talk about where it all began

Day 2: Talk about who got you into Doctor Who and how they convinced you to start watching

For me, it began here on tumblr.  I’d heard about Doctor Who and saw people reblogging things from it, and quickly picked up that this show was about a reincarnating alien who gallivants through time and space with friends/family/friends that may as well be family.  It was jackpattilo who finally convinced me to look into it, in the fall of 2012, just before S7 aired.  I started with David Tennant, specifically “Blink,” as the concept of the Weeping Angels intrigued me.  And while I found the new series overall intriguing, I remained a causal fan.

I did start following more Whovians on tumblr, though.  And that’s when I realized that there was more to this series than just the new eps.  This thing was nearly 50 years old, and I wanted to know more about the original Doctors.  In January of 2013, I happened upon a copy of the novelization of “The Five Doctors.”  And of the first five Doctors featured in it, it was the Second Doctor’s utter snarkiness that stood out—this guy was even snarkier than Nine!  I very quickly wanted to see this Doctor in action, and one month later, when the BBCA aired the Second Doctor Revisited special, I got my chance.  And, somehow, Patrick Troughton cast a spell over me, snatched my heart away, and ran off triumphantly into the night with it.

It was Pat’s utter charm, plus his rapport with Frazer Hines as Jamie (on-screen and off; in fact, I adore how they and the rest of Two’s companions were like a crazy, little, mixed-up family as their characters and in real life—just listen to any of Frazer’s stories…), that drew me in.  I got it now; I finally realized what this was all about, and I loved it.  And I especially loved (and still love) these two dorks:

Best of all, discovering Classic Who has also helped me appreciate New Who—all the references and call-backs and cameos… just wonderful.

Day 3: What being a Whovian means to you

Being a Whovian, to me, means taking part in this 50-going-on-51 phenomenon, whether you watch the shows, read the books/comics, play the games, listen to Big Finish, write fics, or any or all of the above.  We’re all exploring this story, and that, in a way, makes us part of the story.

…Took me a few tries, but finally, the queen lives up to her name (Nefertiti means “The Beautiful One Has Come.”  Apparently, she arrives only after you beat the level three times…).

She’ll have to take the place of my current blue gem user, Vincent; he’s helped me out a lot and I’m sorry to see him go, but I love Egyptology more than art I kinda need Nefertiti’s healing abilities  since I tend to go the glass cannon route—hit hard, hit fast, but need to frequently re-heal; that’s pretty much my strategy for all RPGs; for both Pokémon and the Mario & Luigi series, I focus on offense, which leaves my defenses something to be desired.  Ah, well… in my defense (no pun intended), it works… 

With Nefertiti and Rory as my team medics, I should be good to go for a while.  Two, Vastra, and Porridge will also be staying put, as they are my heavy-hitters (and Two’s special abilities also help boost Rory’s attack power, too).  I also have River on board for red coverage, and she’s likely to stay put until I unlock Ianto Jones, which won’t be for a long while, anyway.

So, current team:

(And now, we must level-up so her majesty can catch up to the others…)